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In Mayoral Debate, Weiner Takes Stand on Education Issues

On Tuesday, Anthony Weiner participated in his first New York City mayoral debate. The debate, sponsored by New Yorkers for Great Public Schools, helped Weiner define his views on education policy. According to the New York Daily News, Weiner's was critical of several education policies championed by Mayor Bloomberg:

"He hit the mayor for focusing too much on charter schools - though he stopped short of joining some of his fellow Dems in calling for a moratorium on colocations - and on high-stakes tests. 'You can't look at a classroom and see a number, you can't look at a classroom and see a part in a machine,' he said, echoing many of the other Democrats' themes."

Weiner also took one position that was unpopular with the union-friendly crowd at the debate:

"He also proposed giving bonuses to top performing teachers who take jobs in struggling schools, even if 'I have to push back against the unions.'"

Glen Weiner, acting executive director for StudentsFirstNY, criticized the candidates for not supporting policies that have proven effective in the past:

"'We're not hearing how we're going to stand up to the special interests and make sure the best teachers are in front of our classrooms,' said acting executive director Glen Weiner."

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