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In New Teacher Evaluation System, City and Unions Can Claim Victories

After State Education Commissioner John King issued his teacher evaluation system for the New York City public school system, both the City Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) were quick to claim that their side had won. The Bloomberg administration publicly rolled out a chart that outlined how King had sided with their side on every major issue. The UFT also sent out an email that highlighted their own successes and argued that the City had compiled a cherry-picked list. As Gotham Schools reported, neither side won an outright victory:

"The teacher evaluation plan that State Education Commissioner John King set for the city over the weekend has prompted both city and union officials to claim victories.

"But a point-by-point analysis of some of the major areas of dispute shows that the truth is more complex than either side has proclaimed. We've rounded up some of the biggest disputes and how King settled them."

Gotham Schools put together a two-part story on each major sticking point between the City and the UFT (Part 1, Part 2). On nine different aspects of the teacher evaluation system, Gotham Schools found that the City Department of Education and the UFT each won three (with the two parties sharing another victory for one aspect), and Governor Andrew Cuomo and King each won one.

Read part one of the analysis here.

Read part two of the analysis here.

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