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Mayor Bloomberg Must Approve New Charter Schools Now

Mike Bloomberg's 12 years as New York City mayor will come to an end on December 31st. From an education standpoint, his tenure is most notable for the large expansion of charter schools across the city. Today, there are 183 charter schools operating inside city limits.

Democrat Bill de Blasio is the leading candidate to replace Bloomberg as mayor, and de Blasio has made it clear that he will support the City's public schools at the expense of the growing charter school movement. In an editorial, the New York Observer says that the Bloomberg Administration must move now to approve as many charter schools as possible before the end of the year:

Make no mistake about it: Under a Mayor de Blasio, the charter revolution would come to an end, and it will be back to business as usual in public education - all the more reason to get moving on new or expanded charters right now.

Read the full editorial here.

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