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NYC Considers Plan to Put 1,200 Former Teachers Back in the Classroom

New York City is considering a plan to send 1,200 former teachers back into the classroom on a full-time basis. About half of these teachers were removed for wrongdoing or received "unsatisfactory" ratings - the other half worked in closed that eventually closed or taught a subject no longer offered in the classroom:

City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña has had internal discussions with her staff about placing most of the 1,200 educators in full-time teaching jobs even though about half have disciplinary histories or unsatisfactory ratings, sources said.

The move would be a sharp reversal of a policy instituted under Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2005 to have the teachers rotate as subs instead of foisting them on principals who didn't want them.

According to the New York Daily News, reassigning these teachers will save the city millions of dollars:

But moving the teachers back into classrooms would save the city an estimated $100 million a year — money that could be allocated elsewhere.

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