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NYC's Schools and Students Need a Stronger Teacher Evaluation System

In a recent op-ed published by the New York Daily News, New York City Schools Chancellor Walcott highlights the need for a stronger teacher evaluation system for the City’s schools. Last week, the teachers' union and the City submitted contrasting teacher evaluation proposals to the state of New York.

In the op-ed, Walcott explains that the state must act now to ensure NYC’s students get the education they deserve with a stronger system of evaluating teachers:

No matter how we reach a deal, it has to be the right one. It must set clear expectations for teachers, provide them with meaningful feedback, help them develop and remove those who cannot improve and educate our students.

In the end, the evaluation deal that we negotiate — or that is imposed upon us — will determine whether New York City maintains its position as a national leader or becomes trapped in the mire of a system designed for the benefit of a powerful union.

As chancellor, I am responsible for ensuring that our 1.1 million students are receiving an education that prepares them for college and careers. They get only one shot at an education. They can’t afford to spend time stuck in a classroom with an ineffective teacher. I urge the state to do what is best for the students of New York City.

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