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NYC Sees High Demand for Charter School Seats

According to the New York Post, New York City’s charter sector is currently overwhelmed by applications for seats. This year, 183 charter schools will offer parents just over 18,000 seats and the schools have already received 181,600 applications.

The New York Post reported that the Democratic mayoral candidates’ vision for City schools won’t support this high demand for charter school seats:

Many of the Democratic candidates for mayor back policies that would be harmful to the growth of charter schools — including less willingness to provide the schools free public-building space and opposition to raising the statewide cap.

James Merriman, CEO of the New York City Charter School Center, stated:

“Our supply of seats that parents want does not meet demand . . . and that’s true on the district side as well. If four years hence, the [next] mayor isn’t able to create more high-quality seats and lots of them . . . then that mayor is going to be judged harshly.”

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