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Opened to prove a point, UFT's charter school could be closed

GothamSchools reports on the failing performance of the nation's first union-run charter school, the UFT Charter School.

The article highlighted some findings about the union's management of the school, saying:

"…Seven years into its existence, the nation’s first union-run school is one of the lowest-performing schools in the city. Fewer than a third of students are reading on grade level, and the math proficiency rate among eighth-graders is less than half the city average."

It continues, noting:

"Of the 13 schools authorized by the institute up for renewal this year, the UFT Charter School has the worst track record, according to the report.

In fact, according to the report, the UFT Charter School is the only school up for renewal actually performing worse than its district, District 19, as a whole, even though its students are, on average, less needy."

When interviewed about the results, UFT President Michael Mulgrew said, “I go to that school and I’m very, very happy with what we see.”

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