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Opinion: Education Reformer Responds to Bill de Blasio’s Education Agenda

Not everyone is convinced Bill de Blasio’s education policy proposals will help New York City students.

In an opinion piece for the New York Post, Chester E. Finn Jr., president of The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, breaks down de Blasio’s education agenda, addressing each policy and program.

Finn shares his opinion on de Blasio’s platform and calls for more specifics on certain proposals, such as those focused on career and technical education:

As for “expanding and improving career and technical education,” the whole country should do that, but what exactly does he have in mind? Likewise “placing great leaders” in every school — and then empowering them to lead those schools. The key is to give building-level leaders real power to make decisions about personnel — who to hire and fire, where they’re deployed and how they’re paid — which would drive the unions bonkers.

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