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Opinion: How New York Teachers Unions Are Like the Tea Party

Teachers unions are attempting to stop much-needed reform for NYC’s teacher evaluations and the shift to Common Core standards, a move that hurts students and their families.

TNTP President Tim Daly argues in a blog post that teachers union tactics mirror those of recent Tea Party exploits. Daly says that the unions are simply stalling on implementing already-passed policies that will help give every student at every school the education they deserve:

See if this sounds familiar: A groundbreaking policy passed years ago is provoking aggressive objections on the eve of its implementation. Its opponents are demanding a temporary delay—ostensibly to ensure better implementation, but really to buy time to completely derail the policy. In fact, these opponents are even willing to hold an entirely separate policy hostage until they get their way on the first policy.

No, I’m not talking about the Tea Party’s failed effort to extract a delay in Obamacare as a ransom for funding the federal government. I’m actually describing the efforts of teachers unions to delay much-needed improvements in teacher evaluations in New York. If they don’t get their way, they’re threatening to blow up the Common Core State Standards.

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