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Parents rally at City Hall, but their protest is directed elsewhere

Gotham Schools reports on the StudentsFirstNY parent and student rally for teacher quality this past weekend, saying:

"More than 100 parents and organizers from StudentsFirstNY filled the steps of City Hall on Saturday to demand that the teachers union cooperate with the city on an evaluation deal before a deadline that could cost the city $300 million in state aid."

The article continues, highlighting the urgency for local leaders to reach an agreement, noting:

"While hundreds of districts across New York have submitted locally negotiated deals to the State Education Department for approval in recent months, the city and the union still have not, although union leaders and city officials have said they are “optimistic” about reaching an agreement. The city has until Jan. 17 to have an evaluation system approved, or else it risks forgoing a 4 percent increase in state funding — about $300 million this year."

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