Press Release: Leading Statewide Education Reform Group Releases Ad Touting the Need for Fundamental Reform of Education System

New York, NY — StudentsFirstNY today released an ad addressing the dire need for fundamental reform of the education system. The ad will air on broadcast and cable in Albany and New York City in the lead up to and following the Governor's State of the State address.

"New York State spends the most per student on education in the country and only gets mediocre results. We need bold changes to our schools, not just more money," said Jenny Sedlis, Executive Director of StudentsFirstNY. "Governor Cuomo understands that we need significant reforms to education in New York to get our schools back on track. We can’t let the special interests stand in the way. Governor Cuomo needs and deserves support to pass a bold education reform agenda."

The ad uses Governor Cuomo's own words from previous State of the State messages. He says, "Public education is a core mission. We simply cannot fail, we will not fail. Can you imagine how smart this state would be when we actually educate all our children to the best of their God-given potential? When every black child and every white child, and every urban child and every rural child is educated to their full potential."

The ad juxtaposes the Governor's words with text that reads: "Our schools are not good enough. The status quo isn't working. Governor Cuomo is right. It's not just about money, it's about fundamental reform. When? Now."

The ad can be seen here and below.

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