StudentsFirstNY Statement on Teacher Evaluation Regulations

"Most teachers would do well on any evaluation system, but the union seems intent on watering down our new system to safeguard its lowest performing members, no matter the costs to students. Lowering the bar and adding emphasis on additional local tests helps no one but the union and its lowest performers," said Executive Director Jenny Sedlis.

  • A committee of the Board of Regents, with all Regents present, voted on final regulations for the state's new teacher evaluation system. A second vote will be made tomorrow, June 16, 2015. 
  • The so-called "gang of seven," a group of Regents heavily influenced by the state teachers' union, tried to significantly water down the new teacher evaluation law.
  • Several significant changes were made, but the new evaluation system remained largely intact. 
    • State tests now must count for 50% of the student performance portion of a teacher's rating (compared to 80% initially recommended). Districts have the option of using local tests for the other 50%.
    • The Regents went with NYSUT's cut scores for observations - If a teacher gets 63% of the points on their observations, they will be considered effective. SED recommended 73% and above should count as effective. If you look at SED’s presentation from December, slide 10 you will see that will lead to the majority of teachers being rated highly effective.
    • The Regents approved a four-month delay for district waivers.

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