Students Head #BackToSchoolNYC

As more than a million students head back to school, we asked StudentsFirstNY parents from across the city to share why they are excited for the school year. 

Take a look at some of the photos below, and meet more of the parents on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram


Madelyne Martinez’s sons, Luis and Jonathan will be attending P.S. 152 School of Science & Technology in Brooklyn this fall. As a parent, Madelyne enjoys helping her sons' teachers, and says that volunteering in P.S. 152 is a very positive experience. “As kids come into the classroom, you can just feel the excitement in the room. This excitement," she says, "allows for an environment that gives children the opportunity to ask lots of questions.” #BackToSchoolNYC


StudentsFirstNY parent organizer Ana Mena stands with Nina Jeffrey and Nina’s guardian, Lisa Ramirez. This fall, Nina will attend P.S. 13 Roberto Clemente in Brooklyn. Lisa says she is looking forward to the high academic standards P.S. 13 will provide Nina, commenting “The homework packet and book reports, though challenging, reflects the school’s motivation to give children the necessary skills to become avid learners." #BackToSchoolNYC


Danissa Ceballo and her four-year old daughter, Khloe Rodriguez, take a first day of preschool selfie. Khloe will attend Charles R. Drew in Queens this year. Danissa places great trust on the teachers and caregivers at Charles Drew. “At the end of the week, they give parents a copy of what the children have learned and it makes me feel more involved in Khloe’s learning growth” she says. #BackToSchoolNYC


Patrick Cabiness proudly stands with his son Jaylen, who will be going into 3rd grade at P.S. 67 Charles A. Dorsey in Brooklyn this fall. Patrick is looking forward to seeing more quality teachers in the classroom. “With the dedication of teachers, I hope to see a more robust curriculum that will allow for better test scores,” he says. #BackToSchoolNYC


Anisah and older sister Yalani pose for their first day back to Explore Charter School. “Explore Charter School makes all students wear uniforms, a requirement that makes it very cost effective for single mothers,” says their mother Ruth Carmichael. #BackToSchoolNYC 


Nazaya Jackson and Zanasia Jackson attend Success Academy Bedford-Stuyvesant 1. Proud parent Kazayah Jackson says, “ I’m happy my children are attending a school where they are expected to perform at a high level. I know their future looks bright.” #BackToSchoolNYC



Rashawna Jones poses with her daughter, Jahniya Olivo, who will attend P.S. 176 The Ovington School this fall. “I believe my child’s school works well with parents” Rashawna says. “Nothing is more important to me than making sure my daughter is getting the education she deserves, and P.S. 176 delivers when it comes to teacher and student relationships." #BackToSchoolNYC


Taina Llaranza sits with her children Cesar, Joann, Taina, and Alejandro. Her three oldest children will attend P.S. 279 Herb Scheiber School this fall. Llaraza says: “Some teachers have really helped me improve my methods to teach my children outside the classroom, and I am very appreciative for their feedback.” #BackToSchoolNYC


Angela Caminero sits with her children before Israel Perez’s first day back to Dr. Susan S. McKinney Seconday School of the Arts. Angela likes the multiple art class offerings available to kids. “For children to learn, I think it is important that all schools have a curriculum that also touches on creativity” she says. #BackToSchoolNYC


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