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Study Finds Smaller Schools Succeeding

A new study has found that students at smaller NYC public high schools created by the Bloomberg administration were more likely to succeed than those attending larger city high schools. According to the NY Daily News, students at the smaller schools were 9% more likely to receive a diploma and 7% more likely to attend college.

The Daily News also reports that the study found students at smaller schools received additional time in the classroom each year:

The smaller schools and extra class time led to higher scores on all five major Regents exams and better college readiness rates, researchers found. “Attendance at one of New York’s oversubscribed new small high schools boosts student achievement on a variety of measures,” according to the report.

Bloomberg has created 654 such schools since he took office in 2002. The city has also closed — or is in the process of phasing out — 164 city schools for poor performance in that time.

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