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Study: Teach For America is Effective in Teaching Students Math

Math teachers that enter the profession through Teach for America helped raise student test scores. Teachers that entered the profession through the Teaching Fellows program did not see a similar boost in student math test scores.

These are the findings that research group Mathematica released earlier this week. According to GothamSchools, this latest study is part of a larger body of work that shows the effectiveness of the Teach for America program:

Looking at 8,500 students in multiple districts over two years, Mathematica found small but significant gains from having a Teach for America teacher. The average student in the study would have scored at the 27th percentile if assigned to a non-TFA teacher but scored in the 30th percentile if taught by a TFA math teacher, which the study's lead researcher, Melissa Clark, called "really nontrivial gains."

"The findings suggest that over the long term, continuing to fill a position with TFA teachers who depart after a few years would lead to higher student math achievement than filling the same position with a non-TFA teacher who would remain in the position and accumulate more teaching experience," Mathematica concluded.

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