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Teacher Evaluations Show Need for Tougher Standards

New York state released teacher evaluation data for all districts except New York City, the results were alarming. Half of all teachers received "highly effective" marks, and an additional 40 percent received "effective" marks. Only one percent of teachers statewide were rated as "ineffective." It is nearly impossible to believe these results when only one-third of students statewide are proficient in math and reading.

As the New York Daily News wrote in an editorial, teachers unions were allowed to modify the evaluation standards before implementation. The results of this action are now abundantly clear - teachers are not being held accountable for poor student outcomes:

In a state where two-thirds of students flunked new reading and math tests, the super-duper [teacher] ratings are proof that district superintendents and teachers unions conspired to subvert accountability in favor of a gold-star stamping system.

The Daily News recommends that State Education Commissioner John King force districts into a system that at least attempts to hold teachers accountable for their students' achievement.

Read the full editorial here.

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