Testing transparency is working in New York state

By Jenny Sedlis, the executive director of StudentsFirstNY, and Stephen Sigmund, the executive director of High Achievement New York

Since the rollout of the Common Core curriculum in New York, opponents have claimed that teachers and parents were not provided with an appropriate number of released questions from the aligned grade 3-8 assessments, as well as the background to both understand the tests themselves and to help their children succeed.

First, the state didn't release enough information about the assessments. Then it was criticized for releasing the information too slowly.

However, according to a new report, the state has not only heard these criticisms, it has addressed them. It's time for opponents to recognize these essential good faith efforts and to engage in a constructive conversation aimed at ensuring that all children are being assessed on worthwhile, rigorous material.

Read the full oped in City & State.

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