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The New York Post Ranks NYC's Top 50 Public Schools

The New York Post has released rankings on NYC’s top 50 public schools.

For each school, the list provides statistics such as graduation rate and average SAT score, in addition to a brief description of its strengths.

The Post calculated its rankings using the following data:

The Top 50 is based on the latest data for 4-year-graduation rate (weight: 10%); percent of students scoring over 85 on Regents Integrated Algebra and ELA exams (20%); number taking AP exams (7.5%) and percent scoring 3,4, or 5 (22.5%); number taking SAT (10%) and average total SAT scores (30%). Adjustments made for schools that offer college-level courses instead of AP and schools that assess students by portfolios instead of Regents exams.

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