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The Truth about the Common Core

In recent discussions about New York education, Common Core supporters and opponents have voiced multiple claims, some being inaccurate.

The Newsday editorial sheds light on numerous Common Core misperceptions including: the Common Core is a curriculum being forced on local school districts, the Common Core standards were rushed in New York, and the Common Core increased student testing.

The editorial clarifies the testing myth stating:

While some parents and educators have fumed about increased testing, much of that increase is due to many teacher unions refusing to accept student results on state tests as 40 percent of their evaluations. They've demanded that additional tests, determined at the district level, constitute half of that 40 percent -- and that those tests include fall pretests as well as year-end tests.

It may be a cynical ploy, but local educators ginning up anger against the state for overtesting are the ones who demanded that overtesting.

The editorial goes on to encourage New York residents to support the Common Core standards despite the problematic implementation:

The adoption of Common Core standards has been, in spots, disheartening and difficult. At times, it feels like we're halfway across a rickety bridge, headed for a destination where we very much need to go to keep up with other nations.

It's a shame that journey has been so tough. Steps to make the passage smoother should be taken. To excel, we must have tough standards, appropriate curricula and properly trained and evaluated teachers. Turning back or standing still makes no sense. And all the claims being bandied about don't change that.

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