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U.S. Teacher Placement Gets Scrutinized

The U.S. Department of Education is producing a 50-state plan that will address the inequitable placement of teachers.

According to Education Week, the federal plan is intended to prevent poor and minority students from being taught by ineffective teachers.

The article discusses how teacher evaluations are an important factor in the creation of this plan:

What's more, policymakers are only now getting a handle on how to judge effectiveness, as states continue to work on more sophisticated evaluation systems that judge teachers on student growth. For years, state and federal law have focused on easier-to-measure factors such as years of experience.

"What we advocate is using those indicators that we know are solid as soon as possible," said Daria Hall, the director of K-12 policy development for the Education Trust, a Washington organization that advocates on behalf of at-risk students. "As evaluation systems get on their feet and fully functioning, then we should look at evaluation results."

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