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UFT Charter School Shows Poor Results on State Tests

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew has said the lower NYC student scores on state tests reflect poorly on recent education policies. When making these comments, he neglects to mention that a charter school run by the UFT was among NYC schools with the worst results.

As noted in an editorial from the New York Post:

… among the New York City students who fared the worst on these new tests are those who are being taught in Mulgrew’s own glass house — the UFT charter school. Whether scored against the city average or the charter average, a school that was supposed to showcase the union’s professionalism has only highlighted its failures.

In English, only 9.7 percent of the UFT charter’s third to eighth graders are proficient, and only 12.6 percent in math. That’s worse than district public schools, where the average is 26.4 percent in English and 29.6 percent in math. It also falls far short of the average for charters, which is 34.8 percent proficient in math and 25.1 percent in English.

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