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UFT Faces Opposition Over its Charter School Co-location

The United Federation of Teachers has been strongly opposed to the city’s space-sharing arrangements within school buildings in the past going as far as suing the Department of Education to stop them.

The union however now finds itself in the very situation it has regularly protested as the UFT Charter middle school is preparing to move into J.H.S. 292 while its students, teachers and administration have spoken out against the move. Those that oppose the move have wondered how the UFT Charter middle school has remained open when its have struggled academically for years.

According to Gotham Schools, Gloria Williams Nandan, the principal of J.H.S. 292, expressed her opposition to the space-sharing plan on Wednesday at a public hearing:

“Come September, our teachers will lose their classrooms and there begins their dilemma, for when our teachers are kicked out of their classrooms, to whom will they turn? Their union? Oops, sorry, it’s their school that would have taken over their classrooms.”

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