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UFT Seeks to End Mayoral Control of NYC Schools

Late last week, UFT President Mike Mulgrew demanded that City Hall’s control of New York City’s schools end. 

The New York Post editorial elaborates on Mulgrew’s desire to put roll back mayoral control, noting:

Mulgrew must find mayoral control burdensome. He wants to go back to the old days, because he knows that getting rid of mayoral control really means ushering in uncontested union control.

His plan works like this: Strip the mayor, whoever it is next year, of the right to choose a chancellor or even to pick a majority of the members on the Panel for Education Policy, which sets school policy. Instead, spread the power to make these picks over a broad group of officials: the borough presidents, comptroller, public advocate and City Council speaker. This way, no single official could be blamed for letting union excesses keep schools failing. Everyone wins — except the kids.

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