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We Must Do More to Reform Education for Our Students

New York has some of the highest performing schools in the country, but there is still much more to be done. According to a recent SchoolBook article, students are still struggling despite great improvements made in the last few years:

“…Right now one out of every four students in New York is not graduating from high school. And perhaps even more disturbing, nearly seven out of every 10 New York students who enter the 9th grade do not finish school ready for college or a decent paying job. Despite the fact that New York has some of the highest performing schools in the country, tens of thousands of our state’s high school graduates end up in remedial courses, paying college prices to learn skills they should have developed in high school.”

New York is one of 46 states adopting Common Core standards meant to prepare students for college and a career. The Common Core standards are based upon the belief that a rigorous academic program in a child’s early years will lead to extraordinary results later in life.

The Common Core is also based on the idea that our students cannot wait:

“…as educators we all share the conviction that rigorous and engaging instruction can lead to extraordinary results – even for students in the most difficult of circumstances. Implementing the Common Core and the evaluation system are two critical steps toward realizing that vision in New York. We must seize this moment to help all of our students to achieve and succeed.”

The Common Core is supported by the National Governor’s Association, the AFT, the NEA, the National PTA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many more. To learn more, visit

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