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Why One Charter School Parent Will Be Marching

Regina Dowdell is a charter school parent. She will march across the Brooklyn Bridge on Tuesday to support Girls Prep Brox, the school her daughter attends.

Dowdell likes Democrat Bill de Blasio, but she feels that he could not be more wrong when it comes to improving NYC's public school system. de Blasio's message about two New Yorks is accurate, she feels, but his education policies, and especially those affecting charter schools, will only bring these two New Yorks further apart on education.

In the New York Daily News, Dowdell writes:

All students deserve a school with high-quality teachers, one that graduates its students on time and prepares them to go on to college and careers. Until every public school in New York City provides that kind of quality education, we cannot afford to limit choices.

Read the full opinion article here.

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