Why We Need Educational Justice in Brownsville

As the father to Danielle and Diamond, and president of the Brownsville chapter of StudentsFirstNY, I understand how failing schools in our neighborhood are a detriment to our students’ safety and potential for success.

The elementary schools in Brownsville are not just inadequate  they are failing our children from a very young age. Many kids fall behind as young as six years old and struggle to meet the educational demands in future years. And the quality and rigor of our schools influence the safety of our streets. Young people in Brownsville who fail to get the quality education they need to succeed in college or future careers end up unemployed, and are more likely to engage in criminal activity in our community. Failing to equip our children with the quality education they need to succeed is simply unacceptable.

I support Wright v New York because the failures of our current public school system, and the policies that keep ineffective teachers at the front of the classroom, cannot continue. We need to be able to remove ineffective teachers from classrooms, especially if they no longer have the energy or passion to teach. Allowing these educators to continue teaching makes our most vulnerable children more vulnerable. I don’t know of any job where you are allowed to continue working when you are not performing. This lawsuit could transform the public education system across New York and help transform the neighborhood where I have lived in my entire life.

By Douglas C, a public school parent in Brownsville


The Wright v New York parent plaintiffs represent a struggle that families across New York experience in the fight for educational justice. This post is a part of a series that highlights parents who are speaking up for underserved students in New York schools. It’s time for education leaders to #hearourvoice.

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