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Will NYC Reach a Deal on Teacher Evaluations?

According to a recent New York Post editorial, some are beginning to wonder if the teachers’ union and the Department of Education will, in fact, reach an agreement on a teacher evaluation deal by the January 17 deadline.

The primary reasons for questioning the likelihood of a deal are the fundamental differences between the teachers’ union and the Department of Education. The New York Post explains that the difference in goals may make it difficult to reach an agreement:

The point of a teacher-grading system is to identify which teachers are effective – and which aren’t… But unions are meant to shield teachers from potentially negative outcomes.

Despite those doubting that this deal will be successful, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott has remained positive and even increased the pressure on both the teachers’ union and the Department of Education to come to an agreement:

Walcott says there are only days left before final terms can be reached: To meet the state’s Jan. 17 deadline for aid, talks must wrap up by Dec. 21. Walcott says he’s “an eternal optimist” and thus remains hopeful things will go well.

You can help. Sign the petition urging city officials and teachers union leaders to come to an agreement on a new teacher evaluation system.

Read the full editorial.

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