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WNYC Takes Another Look at Ravitch v. Rhee

During the common summer lull in August, followers of education issues and news have revisited some ongoing debates. WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show recently re-aired and took a closer look at the debate sparked by Diane Ravitch and Michelle Rhee's opposing schools of thought when it comes to education reform. Ravitch, an education research professor at NYU, expresses the frustration that some teachers feel about standardized testing. Rhee, on the other hand, focuses on the notion that improving teacher quality is key to fixing our education system.

SchoolBook offered up further details on the debate:

Rhee decried the results of a study that ranked the United States 25th in education internationally. But in an online rebuttal, Ms. Ravitch argued the rankings did not take into account the most serious factor affecting performance - poverty.

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