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Before Primary, NYC Mayoral Candidates Focus on Education

With students returning to school this week and NYC’s mayoral primary on Tuesday, the candidates are focusing on education.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some education experts say the candidates have not articulated a clear plan for what they will do to improve city schools:

"They each have their little pet things that they'll mention," said Jeffrey Henig, a professor of political science and education at Teachers College, Columbia University. But he said they haven't been "super precise about how they're going to distinguish their administration."

The article also notes improvements to NYC schools under the Bloomberg administration, including a significantly increased graduation rate. Such improvements are the result of a number of reforms over the past decade, including some that certain candidates have said they will dismantle. This would be a disaster for NYC students and the city.

Click here to learn more on why NYC’s next mayor must not turn back the clock on education reform.

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